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The Sea Witch's Revenge
A Delta & Jax Mystery

What begins as a fun night of sharing ghost stories in a local graveyard soon turns sour when 12-year-old Delta, her younger brother Jax, and their friends are falsely accused of vandalizing a historic site on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. When the siblings start receiving centuries-old messages via a mysterious wooden box they find at the Island History Museum, they must do double-duty as they strive to prove their own innocence while wrestling with an even tougher problem from their island’s past. Can Delta and Jax actually change history and, perhaps more important, should they?


ISBN 978-1-64663-792-8, Hardcover

ISBN 978-1-64663-790-4, Paperback


(Koehler Books 2022)

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Here's what people are saying about

The Sea Witch's Revenge:

“In this exciting third adventure for Delta and Jax, the young sleuths and their friends find themselves falsely accused of vandalism in the present day while also immersed in a supernatural mystery 250 years in the making. From Hilton Head and Daufuskie Islands to Lake Marion, the intrepid tweens explore the beauty and dangers of South Carolina and delve deeply into Revolutionary War history in a race against time to save past and present alike—and maybe change their own future in the process. Masterful storyteller Susan Diamond Riley delivers another page-turner of a Lowcountry mystery, certain to delight readers of many ages.”

--Jonathan Haupt, coeditor of Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy



“I couldn't put this book down! Beautifully written and well researched, The Sea Witch's Revenge is an amazing story of two siblings, Delta and Jax, as they delve into the Revolutionary War history of the island they call home. Ghostly tales, legends, intrigue, and just the right amount of history make this a must-read for children and adults.”

--Kim Poovey, author of Shadows of the Moss 



“The Sea Witch's Revenge mixes a mad box, false accusations, and a magic diary into a brew of a story that is Susan Diamond Riley's best Delta and Jax adventure yet! When endearing characters are wrongly accused, there is drama and a quest for the truth. Riley weaves in Lowcountry history and a time warp twist that will capture a reader's imagination. In this way she offers a deeper journey into the nature of revenge and the importance of forgiveness, and a clever inspection into the nature of our histories and ourselves.

--Elizabeth Robin, author of To My Dreamcatcher 


“Written for thrill-seeking, curiosity-driven readers, The Sea Witch’s Revenge: A Delta and Jax Mystery is an exciting, time-twisting adventure. When a wrong must be made right, Delta and Jax Wells are on the case. In this beautifully written mystery, the young super-sleuth Carolina siblings investigate sinister suspects, curious clues, and harrowing history. They seek justice within their Lowcountry community of families, friends, and foes. Read on, dear reader, to experience excellence in historical fiction by Susan Diamond Riley!”

--Lisa Anne Cullen, author-illustrator of Haskell & Greta: A Carolina Folktale



“Seamlessly weaving together fact and fiction, past and present, Susan Diamond Riley's descriptive writing immerses readers in all the fun flavors and folklore of South Carolina's Sea Island coast. Join preteens Delta, Jax, and Darius as they get back on their bikes for one more adventure around Hilton Head Island. Investigating the mystery of a strange centuries-old diary, they learn about Lowcountry history during the American Revolutionary War, while also discovering that conflict between neighboring island communities may not be a thing of the past.”

--Danielle Koehler, author-illustrator of The Other Forest



“Once again, Susan Diamond Riley entertains and educates on every page! The Sea Witches Revenge is a delightful mix of nonstop Hilton Head Island adventure and Lowcountry history. This is NOT just a children’s book. If you love the Lowcountry, read yourself some Susan Diamond Riley!”

--Terri Johnson, Coordinator, Sea Turtle Protection Project of the Coastal Discovery Museum, Hilton Head Island

It's like meeting old friends again in the latest Lowcountry adventure with Delta and Jax. In The Sea Witch’s Revenge, the siblings are faced with a current-day dilemma as well as a link to the past when a girl from the 1780’s communicates to them through a mysterious diary. A fun, fast-paced read!

--Ann Lilly, author of Scoot’s Savannah Rescue

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